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And this too shall pass…” – Persian Adage.

Let’s chat about Coronavirus

Hi, today I wanted to write about the coronavirus. Yeah! I know! what’s new, right? Everybody wants to talk about bloody coronavirus, social distancing, self isolation, doom and gloom. Join the line, buddy. What makes you so special?

The news is full of it, the media both old and new are clogged with nothing but. I know. I would like to offer some bright points of view. Don’t worry, this will be brief. A mere moment in the tick-tock of your days. Stay awhile. Have a coffee (or tea) and a biscuit.

Sure everybody is talking about coronavirus and writing about it too. I’m trying to stay away from the subject. I know, and here I am writing about it. But I wanted to offer my perspective. I would like to present a different view and if this is a little bit helpful to you then I’ll be happy. I wanted to offer, if I may, a few positive thoughts to shed a little light.

Now we batten down our collective hatches as the coronavirus storm engulfs a weary world. Darkness descends. We shut ourselves inside. The storm rages beyond our doors and windows but we are powerless against it. It’s difficult not to feel pessimistic about the situation.

But the storm will pass. The long night will end and there will be a new beautiful dawn.

coronavirus will pass and a new bright dawn will come
A New Bright Dawn.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow” – Hellen Keller

Coronavirus positives thoughts and perspective

There are a few positive thoughts to keep in mind. We are not wholly powerless in the face of this storm. We live these dark days but remember that the light will come again. The storm will pass and we will feel the warm sunshine on our faces again and turn once more to blue skies. This too shall pass. Remember this will pass. When we pass through hard times it feels like we will never see the other side and feel the light again – and yet – and yet, we always do. This will pass. The dawn will bring the light again.

Right now many of us are facing difficulties. Many of us are either self isolating or facing a lockdown situation and unable to leave our homes. Shop shelves lay bare, decimated by panic buying. It’s difficult to get the supplies we need. Toilet paper has become as rare as unicorn poop.

And yet those troubles are mere irritations. If you are reading this in a rich western country then know you are privileged. Those things are inconveniences that the coronavirus has foisted on our lives.

As of writing 10 percent of the world still lives in extreme poverty. That’s approximately 601 million people on substance wages, without access to clean running water, and who find it difficult to feed themselves and provide food for their families. Let’s count ourselves lucky we live in a place with clean water, plentiful food, jobs decent wages, a robust health service, social safety nets, and relative safety.

The coronavirus has disrupted our lives, but it really a small thing that we might not be able to get exactly what we want in the store. It’s a small thing we might have to stay indoors for a little while and our way of life is disrupted. In these difficult times, find your blessings, find the good, and count them. We need to think positively and to count ourselves fortunate.

If you are healthy and those that you love and care about are healthy. If you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge then you are doing alright.

I would suggest we approach coronavirus outbreak cheerfully and with a smile. Let’s go about our day with a sense of adventure. Life is a journey. The road is long with many bumps along the way. It’s the way of things but there is always a smooth road afterwards.

Now that we all have a lot more time on our hands we can be productive. There are so many things to do with just a little imagination. Learn a new skill, a language, read that book you always meant to do, write that damn novel, we get to spend more time with the ones we love (assuming we live with them! stay home people) or at the very least organise our sock drawers. There are positive sides to everything. Look for them. Seek out the positives. Time is the most precious commodity. Suddenly we are rich with time. We should be thankful and spend time wisely.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” – Hellen Keller.

What can coronavirus teach us?

I think the coronavirus ourbreak teaches us an invaluable lesson. One of my all-time favoured quotes is by Hellen Keller. She says that security does not actually exist. It’s an illusion. I think she is right. She argues that life has to be lived and enjoyed. I think she’s right.

We are not guaranteed another day. We are not guaranteed that all will be well tomorrow. That should not be a troublesome idea. This is a liberating idea. This can set you free. Be grateful for every moment because it can be taken from you. Learn to grin at life’s small troubles and appreciate the gifts that life bestows, it’s beauty, and majestic wonder.

I think that that coronavirus is a timely memento mori. We are mortal. I think it reminds us too that, as a people, we have to be kind to each other. Now is the time to strengthen our bonds. Our civilizations have become ever more selfish and materialistic and inward-facing. Coronavirus is a lesson that we should be the very opposite of these things. We should be working together. We should be kind. We should be welcoming and generous and look out for each other.

Let’s keep our sense of humour and take care of each other.

The great coronavirus toilet paper shortage of 2020
The great coronavirus toilet paper shortage of 2020… The struggle is real.

This shall pass, but our arses might be sore from lack of toilet paper” – Me

Beyond Corona

So this too shall pass.

Remember these troublesome days will pass. In future days this will be a memory. It’s my hope that the world will emerge all the better. Hopefully, this can bring us together. Maybe the world will be a little less selfish.

There is always hope. Always.

So for now. Let’s stay inside. Keep cheerful and always keep a sense of humour about us at all times. Be grateful for what you have and not bemoan what you don’t (TOILET PAPER) Wash your hands and wait for the storm to pass… It will. It always does. There is nothing in this world yet so terrible that has not passed.

This coronavirus storm shall pass. The long night will end. A new day is coming when we will once again feel warm on our faces of a new and beautiful dawn.

Stay positive. Stay safe. Until next time 🙂