Travels with my belly

From The Ashes

Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

– Japanese proverb.

If you are reading this message then you are either very lost ( most probable ) or you wondered if I am alive. If it’s the latter than I’m humbled and honoured that you remembered this blog. If it’s the former then you’re confused and lost. That’s ok too. It’s a normal state of being for most of us.

I am \o/ indeed not deceased but unfortunately that’s more than I can say for the old Travels with my Belly blog. It got wiped out in an unfortunate incident. I’ll write more in the future. But for now, know that this blog is a work in progress. It’s going to take awhile to get the new blog up and running. It will take even longer to craft some posts. I appreciate your patience.

Please wait…. Travels with my Belly is LOADING.

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  1. RJ says:

    pfew! Good to hear from you. Had me worried.

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