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3 ways of staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic

positive thinking during the covid19 pandemic Today I wanted to forgo the usual travel or food post and talk about the covid19 and 3 ways of staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s something that’s on all our minds right now and I think that…


20 Best Travel Apps

20 best travel apps: prologue “TRAVELING – IT LEAVES YOU SPEECHLESS, THEN TURNS YOU INTO A STORYTELLER.” – IBN BATTUTA Often life’s gifts come in small packages like the unexpectedly beautiful sky, the laughing wind dancing with rustling brown leaves, a sunshine smile breaking across…

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7 delicious recipes for UK Pancake day

What is pancake day? “A man who is tired of pancakes is tired of life.” Me. (with respect to Mr Johnson.) OK, I’ll just cut the crepe and you batter listen up. Today I will attempt to make and eat 5 different pancakes for you,…